No internet connection in 5.10.18

Hello, I’m new to linux and yesterday I downloaded the 5.10.18 LTS kernel because I want to try it out (currently using 5.11.1.arch1-1)

When I booted in, it says no network connection even though I have a wired ethernet. I am also pretty sure that my motherboard (MSI A58M-E33 MS-7721) is completely fine because I’m still able to connect via ethernet in 5.11.1 and Win10 (dual booting win10 and EOS.)

May I know why this issue exists in my pc?

It’s possible that support for your NIC was added with kernel 5.11.

Newer kernels always see better support for newer hardware.

or the module for the needs kernel related package like r8168 r8168-lts ?

Thank you so much for the help.

I forgot to mention that I am using enp2s0. Either way, I am still confused because everything on this PC is old (2014 - and before)

I’m sorry, what is this and where can I find this?

That’s the interface name. To show information about the network device you can use something like

inxi -Nxxxz

That does not preclude hardware support being added in later kernels.

It refers to a hardware driver for the R8168 chipset. You can confirm which driver your system needs by looking at the chipset using the command I posted above.

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Wow, this is quite informative. Again, thank you so so much.

I’m not sure we’ve truly reached a Solution yet, but it’s a starting point. At some point, do have a look at the output of inxi -N and see what your NIC is.

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