No Internet after wake up PC from suspension

This issue happens in any DE, any kernel. Any idea?

“Need more input” to quote Johnny Five…
Laptop? Desktop? Wireless? Wired? Any difference in how long it’ s been suspended? Just to draw in an expert :grin:


hello ,All right, let’s get our crystal ball out, humor, of course.


I’m guessing it’s an r8168 Realtek chip for ethernet!


Could you pleas post the following command output.

lspci | egrep -i --color 'network|ethernet' 
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Can you also provide the output of:

inxi -Fxxxza --no-host

If it is not installed:

yay -S inxi


inxi -n ou inxi -N


experiencing this same issue with my EndeavourOS installation.

I have observed that the basis of the issue is the selection of the r8168 driver after a suspension. Both r8168 and r8169 are present.

Using the command “nmcli” will show which of the drivers is selected. In addition there will be a message “getting IP configuration” after suspension and checking “nmcli”

I do have an earlier installation of EndeavourOS where this is NOT a present issue. For comparison, today I installed ArcoLinuxB and did not observe this after suspension, ethernet not connecting to the network behavior.

Perhaps someone with a deeper understanding of the modprobe process for selection of r8168 or r8169 understands why the issue is present in current EndeavourOS installatons

p.s. do NOT remove the r8168 driver package. There is a temporary workaround: “sudo modprobe -r r8168” then “sudo modprobe r8169”

From this, perhaps, we can start moving in some direction towards a solution. In a similar case in the past, r8168 and r8169 were involved.

02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 0c)

Maybe check this post; probably the same issue.

Are you also using hibernation and suspend mode?

No. Just suspend.

Can you post the output for lspci -v
I only need the output for Ethernet but also for WiFi if you are using WiFi.

Is this happening on Wifi or are you using Ethernet?

only ethernet. I don’t have wifi in my pc.

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Okay so just post the part that shows ethernet.

lspci -v

possible solution:

DO REMOVE r8168, reboot, and regular ethernet network connection should resume