No image at startup

Following a modification (deletion of headers), no image at startup. Does anyone have a solution to propose to me. Thank you all in advance.

You have to provide way more information than that. It’s impossible to understand what your problem is.

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Okay, but what information would you need? Thank you

We don’t even know what “no image” means. Is it just a blank screen after booting - are you seeing anything at all? Or does “image” mean something else entirely? Best, you tell us what happens exactly if you boot your system. What does it show and when does it stop responding?

What exactly did you do before this error started showing up? Deleting what headers?

What are your system specifications?

The more information, the better.


It also helps if you mention the DE, if you use lightdm, gdm etc.

looks like you have uninstalled linux-headers and this breaks the boot process ?
link the tutorial/info you where following at least :wink:
you can always boot from LiuveISO and chroot into installed system to reinstall packages e.t.c.:

I understand the meaning of your requests, but what would you need as information to help me.
Desktop PC, ASUS E35M1-M motherboard, RAM =8gb.
Endeavouros mounted 3 years ago. Running under iw3.
Circumstances: while running, lost all applets _ a screen logo instead. No more stop or restart function.
On reboot, the system proposes the startup lines of the platform, selection, the answer is reboot machine. Thanks to you.

There is an upstream bug with lightdm, that’s why​:wink:

hmm 2 years can be maximum and i3-wm ?
and what GPU? (graphics Processor)

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EndeavourOS has only existed for 2 years. You indicated 3. Not possible.