No examples in welcome screen of QtCreator

The welcome screen of QtCreator, does not show any qt examples. It was not like this about 6-7 months before. In between, I have not installed qtcreator.
Please help.

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Do you have this?

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There should be a button on the left. If you click on welcome, right next to it you have Projects, Examples, Tutorials etc…

Layout may have changed because there was an update to qt 6.

You beat me by milli seconds, always!

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Don’t worry, we’ll cross the finish line together :beers:

The example button is there. If we click it, the examples are not visible in the right. The tutorials are there though.

Is network connection working right?

Also, there are qt5-examples and qt6-examples to get them offline.

This “qt 6.2.2.gcc 64bit” button shows blank i.e no text.

qt6-examples are installed.

Have you installed qt5-doc and/or qt6-doc ?

Edit : I haven’t installed them though. Seems to work without it :thinking:

I installed qtcreator and all dependencies when asked.


Let me do a reinstall :+1:

The docs are optional dependencies. You need to install them yourself, they aren’t included when you install qtcreator. Try installing qt5-doc and/or qt6-doc. Or it may be the example packages you need in this case.

EDIT: Yes, for the examples you need to install qt6-examples and/or qt5-examples. They aren’t installed with qtcreator

I have qt6-doc and qt6-examples installed.

Did you close and reopen qtcreator after installing?

Any update sir?

If they still aren’t there after closing and re-opening can we see the output of

pacman -Q | grep "^qt"

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