No cube effect in Plasma 6

I have found my self unable to use the cube effect in the latest Plasma 6:

$ pacman -Q qt6-quick3d qt6-quick3dphysics amdvlk xf86-video-amdgpu mesa vulkan-radeon
qt6-quick3d 6.6.2-1
qt6-quick3dphysics 6.6.2-1
amdvlk 2024.Q1.2-1
xf86-video-amdgpu 23.0.0-1
mesa 1:24.0.2-2
vulkan-radeon 1:24.0.2-2

(later uninstalled amdvlk with no success)


Strangely, searching for “cube” in system settings provides results for desktop effects, but searching the same in there provides no results, even when including unsupported and internal effects. Is the effect unsupported on my system? If so, what makes a system qualify for support, and how can I make my system be supported, by force?

Alternatively, I attempted to install the AUR version available for KF6/Plasma and was plagued with a CMake error about a missing “KWinEffects” package configuration file. Could this be relevant?

Unfortunately, the error above is unfathomable to me as I know nothing about make systems. I could not find any such package in the Arch repos or AUR and have given up trying to solve this on my own. Thanks in advance

While I don’t use it…I do remember reading it requires at least 4 desktop panels enabled to work.

It’s 4 virtual desktops (though someone showed it will work with 3) which they have.
As for the answer I am unsure. I would suggest maybe asking over on the KDE forum as they may have more insight to this

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You have package amdvlk but instead vulkan-radeon seems to be recommended.

But as I don’t have AMD GPU, can’t verify if this helps.

I never realized, but I had both.

$ pacman -Q vulkan-radeon 
vulkan-radeon 1:24.0.2-2

I uninstalled amdvlk, rebooted, and had no success. I edited the main post to include this.

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I will probably do that, and provide my solution here if I get one. The correct place would be KDE Discuss?

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Yes that’s correct, if you find a solution it would be good if you could post it here under this mark it as such too. Good luck

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I appreciate the help. A post has been made, and I hope to return with a solution soon.

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The cube effect is available after installing kdeplasma-addons and rebooting. It was a very simple solution :frowning: but the package is not available by default?


Yes endeavour os is minimal by design, that package is often one of the first I download with fresh installations.

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That s all I had to do in Gnome for the cube extension to work. I m curious how the one in Plasma looks now. This is Gnome.

I like how the applications pop out on GNOMEs one, I only ever enabled it to see if it worked so this is a pretty minimal screenshot, others have shared some on the share my desktop thread and one of the Plasma 6 threads

The ‘pop-out effect’ was present in the original cube (Beryl) years ago, and the ‘distance’ was settable. I assume that capability remains in the ‘forks’…

I give it a few months tops before someone starts making and adding their own “cube” effects for plasma 6 with the rate widgets etc are being ported over then for it to break with some change KDE makes lol

kdeplasma-addons is included by default.

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That’s good to know for my next install, in the past in wasn’t I remember having to add it to get certain widgets and features

Isn’t it dependent on how you install it?
It is if you install it through the package group plasma.
It is if you install it using the plasma meta package.
It isn’t if you install it using the minimal plasma-desktop package.

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I think you are thinking about how it is on an Arch install side of things.

EnOS does include it in its KDE-Desktop package list.


In this case, we are discussing what EOS does the installer when you do an offline install or select KDE in an online install.

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