No control of laptop after last update

So on my Cinnamon partition after the last update, I can no longer enter it. It gets stuck after my password, nothing responds, so I cant go to the command line.
Can anyone help me, or should I backup my home folder and reinstall?
Unfortunately no timeshift backup…

Have you read all the topics on the situation with cinnamon-settings-daemon?

There was an issue with it which as now been fixed.

I would try dropping out to a TTY and updating again.

How do I drop out to a terminal?
I had not read the Cinnamon-settings daemon, my bad, I know.


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Can I roll back from there?

Sure. If you have downgrade installed you can downgrade cinnamon-settings-daemon. Just don’t add it to ignorepkg since the update that fixes it is either already available or will be very soon.

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It looks more serious than I had thought. Now it wont boot, giving me a grub error.
At least I have a backup of my home folder. Maybe this will teach me a lesson to always use Timeshift…

There are wiki articles that might be helpful with your grub error.
It might also be helpful to post the actual error instead of just vaguely referring to it.

No error. I just cant log in…

I’m back from Arch world :joy:
My system is running great again!