No available wifi networks shortly after booting up (part 2)

Right it should run from the kernel module.

The question is why it doesn’t.

I followed along with this ongoing case:
And tried this which suggests disabling parameters for the rtw89_pci module. The latter has made it so I do consistently connect for the first 10 or so seconds after booting up but I can’t stay connected.

Did you turn off mac randomization?

Yeah, I had that turned off too.

I hesitate to say this but since last night, wifi has started working for me. I do not know why but something worked but I dare not try to figure out what lest I break it.

(the bluetooth also started working again)

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So it’s working on the kernel module then not the installed package from the AUR?

Yes. Everything else is uninstalled.

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Perfect …hopefully it stay’s working now. :wink: