No audio playback with Behringer UMC204HD on kernel 6.1.2


when I updated from kernel 6.0.12 to 6.1.1 the audio playback with my USB audio interface, the Behringer UMC204HD, stopped working. When I want to watch a video on YouTube with Firefox the video only plays for 1 or 2 frames and then stops. When I open a .mp3 with mpv the track stays at 0:00.
The audio interface is recognized though because it shows up in my KDE audio icon as the UMC204HD and I can switch outputs from Line A to Line B and so on.

I have read about HDMI audio issues with kernel 6.1 and I thought this might be related, so I waited for a fix on that. This fix came with kernel 6.1.2 but sadly this did not solve my problem with the Behringer.
Audio works fine on kernel 6.1.2 when I use my other USB audio interface, the Yamaha AG03, or HDMI audio from my RX 6700XT.
When I downgrade to kernel 6.0.12 the Behringer interface is working again, so I’m sure it has to be a kernel issue.

Anyone else has problems with this Behringer interface? Is this a known issue?

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Why don’t you switch to the LTS kernel it’s much more stable and supports a lot of hardware. Unless they’re very new (correct me if I’m wrong).

Have you tried to see if removing the module and then reloading it with implicit_fb explicitly enabled?

sudo modprobe -r snd-usb-audio
sudo modprobe snd-usb-audio implicit_fb=1

If this works then you can flag it persistent in



options snd-usb-audio implicit_fb=1

If this works use at least until you get another kernel and see if the issue is fixed when removing it.

Edit: Not sure this is related to your issue as the way i read it is for choppy sound and or detection?

*Don’t want you to do anything that damages your hardware. :thinking:

Edit2: I assume this (implicit_fb=1) means implicit frame buffer? So maybe this is not correct and i got this from another model Behringer UMC202HD

Edit3: This might have more to do with stuttering or choppy sound.

I did try that just now and sadly it made no difference.
I actually needed implicit_fb=1 with kernel 5.x because without it I also had choppy sound with the UMC204HD. Starting with kernel 6.x I had clear sound without this tweak.

Okay i wasn’t sure as i read a lot of info both for your model and this one.

Edit: It’s more likely an issue in the kernel has some incorrect settings for the hardware

So it seems this is a known issue and should be fixed in maybe 6.2?

I just tested kernel 6.1.7 from the arch testing repository and it is working again!

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