Nix package manager pulling AWS SDK

I went to give the nix package manager a try and got spooked by the dependencies it was trying to pull. If you go to install nix right now via pacman, it wants to pull 13 AWS C/C++ libraries that make up 97% (650MiB/670MiB) of the install size. I found out why, someone wanted nix compiled with the optional S3 feature enabled. Here’s the bug and commit.

Is this a common enough use case for nix to warrant such an inclusion? I was looking at using arch + nix for minimal app deploys, so this came as a surprise. Wanted to see what others thought before I file a report or something.


I can’t speak as to whether or not it is common enough to be the default, but you can probably speak to the maintainer about it. I haven’t tried to package it manually, so I can’t say whether or not those extra aws packages should be marked as optional dependencies or not.

You could always build it yourself if it bothers you.

That being said, I would never to nix as “minimal”