Nitrogen only shows png

A little new to i3 and trying to set backgrounds. I installed nitrogen and set some directories, including the directories for Endeavour’s wall paper. It will not show anything other than png files. There are jpg files in the same directories. I’ve also set some directories in my home folder with webp files.

Is there some setting I’m missing somewhere? This is a fairly fresh install of Endeavour with i3.

  1. welcome on the purple fun :enos:
    sure it is about fileformat?
    Could be missing libs… but would be you have slick down packages a lot to remove jpg support at all…

Thanks! What libs should I be looking at to install to get jpgs showing up?

Edit: so I think it was just that there are fewer jpg files in the official backgrounds than I thought. Looks like I have 3. webp files still don’t show up. Still really love the Gnome wallpapers. Worst case, I guess I can convert them to png

thats ususally not used in non-web places anyway :wink:

latest release is from 2017 :wink:

but even with this it does not work…

dwebp 1.webp -o 1.png


Yeah, I eventually just converted it. lol! Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good.

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