Nitrogen not always works after logging out

When I make a change in my i3 config I often do Mod+Shift-e to do a clean start of i3.
Once in a while the wallpaper is not be displayed. When I log out en log in again then the wallpaper works.
Not a very big problem, but I just wonder why this happens.

It happens when you reload the i3 config file it reloads the WM system. So, sometimes nitrogen being a 3rd party doesn’t load or crashes. When you log out and log in everything is autoloaded as they should also with parameters set for software like nitrogen. I’ve seen this in awesome and one two other wm’s

in the i3 config, are you calling nitrogen with exec or exec_always?

The former will start nitrogen only when you login, while the latter will start nitrogen every time you reload config.

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If his using our default, I think it’s using exec to call nitrogen.

exec or exec_always does not make any difference, because I do Mod-Shift-e after a config change, which logs me out.
Even then sometimes nitrogen doesn’t show up the first time, but only after a second logout/login.

Note that this does not happen all the time. Just now and then. Seemingly randomly.

In environments with fast startup like i3 and sway, it seems it may be a timing issue.
Insertion of something like sleep 2s before the nitrogen exec may prove that (or maybe I’m crazy?).

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exec --no-startup-id sleep 2 && nitrogen --restore