Nine days from launch

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Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me a message to congratulate me on the work we’ve done in six weeks time. At first, I wanted to correct him, but then it dawned on me. In my head we’ve been working on this project for months, at least that’s how it feels because of the high pace we’re working in. Two Beta releases, a working website/forum and media attention. The road has been very bumpy for us till now, but we’re still enjoying it.

The release date is nearing very rapidly and although our latest beta release was far from perfect, some of you already are using it as your daily driver. We are going to release the next Beta release in the upcoming days. We’re very excited about this release since it’s going to be more polished and we took care of some major bugs, although we’re still working hard to fix some other bugs and adding features to enhance the experience of a finished product.

I’ve already stated that nine days from now, EndeavourOS will launch with an offline installer only. The release of the online installer will most likely be towards the end of the summer or early fall. We need time and also help to make it work properly and the other reason is that over here in Europe summertime has already started and some of us team members are going on a summer holiday. If you want to look and help into the code of the online installer you can do it on .

To satisfy your curiousity here’s a sneak peak of the upcoming release.


I have to say, you have done a hell of a job in a very short time, and I am thoroughly impressed.



I was thinking about your future installers and thought I would suggest checking out the Zen installer. I have used it on my laptop and it worked flawlessly. It is a online installer and offers a bunch of desktops which the user can pick to be installed. I believe it is open source and I sure you can talk to the maintainer and make a fork of it. One other nice thing it does is install Nvidia drivers if it detects the Nvidia card installed. If nothing more the source may help you solve any problems you might be having with the next gen-installers.


Thank you for the suggestion, we’re keeping all the options open at this moment on the online installer. Our main concern for now is to release the offline installer, after that we’re going to head on with the online installer.