Nice to see an article already

And the media exposure train goes on:

The EndeavourOS segment starts at 21:40.
@MichaelTunnell @ZebedeeBoss words can’t describe the thanks we owe you to send the love out there for us.


You are most welcome! We’re happy to help :smiley:


If I had not stumbled upon EndeavourOS and installed the first beta, I would definitely be persuaded by the aforementioned articles (and others) to try it out.

It is easy to imagine that even die-hard Arch users will adopt EndeavourOS upon any new Arch installations they make.


Distrotube, another high profiled Youtuber, with a segment on us. He’s not doing a real review, but mentions us after he read the Forbes article.

Seems like Jason Evangelho are gong to give it a go too for his new podcast.


Yes, he notified us on that plan, we’re looking forward to see what will come of it. He’s already trying out EndeavourOS and he’s trying to resist a GUI installer app like Pamac at this moment.

Distrotube reviewed EndeavourOS and he even installed it on his laptop:


Again a nice in-depth article on us:

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Good article. My issue is with the lone comment. Yet another who think EndeavourOS is intended to compete with Manjaro.

This person didn’t read the article very good or not at all, because this one is implying that we have to compete against Manjaro instead of the oldish Antergos.
It could be an unfortunate word choice, but the article is long and most people tend to not read it at all and ventilate their own opinion instead, drawing from a headline only. That’s the way the digital world rolls… Unfortunately.

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Knowing how things work, helps with writing content in a way that helps conveying the desired information.
Sprinkling bolded, summarizing lines across the article might help, or adding a subtitle for each paragraph.

Also I’ve noticed there is no reference in the article about a future online installer ISO and about the current version being a strictly offline installer with no options to pick a DE, so people indeed expect to get the full experience. A disclaimer could at least be shown on the download page.

Another very informative article:

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