Newly installed EndeavourOS not booting (NOT THE GRUB ISSUE)

I installed EndeavourOS and after opening it for the first time, setting up Opera and my usual software, and rebooting so Snapd would work, it got stuck on boot. It reaches the log after the grub part, but it sticks at random points during boot. I switched from Windows, but i dont suck with CLI stuff.

From this limited info, I say it’s a snap issue. Snaps sucked anyway.

How would i go about removing snapd then? I have a live usb of EndeavourOS so i’m able to do chroot stuff

Nevermind, i figured it out, it was pacman -R snapd from the chroot default location

I think it should be something along the lines of this

sudo arch-chroot /dev/sdX /mnt

for UEFI systems


for legacy BIOS systems.

if you are unsure, run efibootmgr

anyways once you are in you can just

yay -R snapd

I just uninstalled snapd and it’s still sticking at a seemingly random point, “Started Power Profiles daemon.” After a reboot after a minute of it being stuck there, it’s stuck on “Starting User Login Management.”

hmm, after a reboot and opening it in fallback mode, its getting stuck on the power daemon again

Did you verify the ISO hash?

Did the issue happen after installing snapd, or after installing a snap?

I have never verified the ISO hash.
The issue occurred after installing a snap, i forgot to reboot my pc before installing a snap once i installed snapd. The snap i was installing was because i was hoping it would help me get emotes to work on Discord.

Doesn’t Discord have Emote’s functionality anyway? try something like :poop: in discord chat and it should work. if you are talking about emojis then I say ditch snaps for good. here’s how it works for me

If you are talking about using emojis from any server just get BetterDiscord.

Repos > AUR > AppImage > Flatpak > compiling from source (maybe i’ll skip appimage and flatpak IF and only IF the package compiles in less than 10 minutes) and I outright REFUSE to install snaps. Devs who use them IMO drank the snap koolaid.

If you torrented the ISO (perfectly legal btw, the torrenting of things like paid games is illegal) then it should verify the hash for you, by design.

2) aur/emote 3.0.3-4 (20, 2.54)
    Emoji Picker for Linux written in GTK3    
1) chaotic-aur/emote 3.0.3-4 
    Emoji Picker for Linux written in GTK3

seems like it was unnecessary to get the snap. btw the chaotic aur is a 3rd party repo meant to compile most stuff from the AUR, and it’s NOT added by default. I use pikaur instead of yay because compiling smth overnight (im desperate for the program at that point) and then getting a

[sudo] password for username:

message SUCKS HARD.

I mean stuff like emojis sometimes rendering as squares, especially as I had one in my name to show off the amount of collectibles I collected in a game, and i wanted to be able to change it, as it wouldn’t show on EndeavourOS.
I downloaded it as an ISO, not a torrent. IIRC I got it from the Github link in the Latest Release page on the EndeavourOS website.

Oh, in that case install some emoji fonts, Emote is an emoji picker.

If you directly downloaded it then you were supposed to verify the hash to make sure it hasn’t been tainted or otherwise altered.

Ah, okay
Will go verify the hash to make sure it wasn’t a broken ISO.

I just ran the ISO i downloaded through the SHA512 verifier and it verified correctly