Newbie-password don't work

I just installed endeavouros, the password I choosed during the installation doesn’t work when I have to use it after logging. I can not mount my hard drive , can not install programs etc…

help please

Welcome here!

I saw this before in the forum. Most likely could be something to do with keyboard/language setting.

What do you mean after logging in, so you can go past log in screen but the pwd doesn’t work to sudo in pacman? The drive should normally automount. Perhaps explain better your setup.

Please clarify, as your post is a bit vague. Also some system infos always help.


Is it autologin ?
It seams by your post you can get to the desktop ?
Have you tried change password ?
Are you in sudo ?

This might help.

Can you give some detailed information ?

if its a cut down keyboard on a laptop with no dedicated number pad, is the num lock on?

Hi, welcome to the forum! Since you haven’t given us any details, we can only guess what the problem is.

Maybe you’re just confused by the lack of echo? First time Linux users often are… In most prompts in the terminal, there is no feedback when entering a password, there are no ***** or ••••• or any other indicator that you’re typing… So, just type in the password blindly and hit Enter