Newbie having trouble with suspend

Hey guys! I’m brand new to Endeavour OS, and fairly new to Linux in general. I’ve been distro hopping for about 6 months. I don’t really know much about the terminal, but I’ve heard such good things about Endeavour that I wanted to give it a try. Figured it will be a good learning experience. The last distro I used before Endeavour was Manjaro. I liked it a lot and had a lot of good luck with it, but so far, I’m liking Endeavour even more!

I’m running into one small problem with my system. I can’t get suspend to work. It will go to suspend, and then wake right up. I’ve narrowed it down to my Logitech G915 and G Pro X are causing the problem. If I unplug the Lightspeed receivers from my computer, suspend works just fine. I’m not really sure what to do from here though. I can’t figure out how to prevent them from letting my computer suspend. Thanks in advance!

Hardware Info Log

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Hi @hahler2 and welcome to the :enos: forum.

You may want to take a look at
yay -S hibernator

sudo hibernator

Once the hibernator script has run you should have the requirements for hibernate to work. Hopefully it won’t conflict with what you already have.

Hibernator updates your grub config.

That won’t install. Gives me “error: failure while downloading hibernator git repo”

I see it was reported 5 days ago.

You could try a hibernation swap file. That’s what I use and it works fine. Zramd vs swap partition

If OP wants to suspend (suspend to RAM; sleep), I am not sure how setting up hibernation
(suspend to disk) could help with that.

Perhaps some forum-member, well-versed in systemd subtleties, could help with some systemd unit which disables the receivers before the system goes to sleep and enable them at wake-up.

Also welcome to EnOS’ forum @hahler2!