[Newbie] EOS script doesn't produce a working SD card; base Arch install fails as well

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Installing EOS ARM 64 bit has now succeeded. I now have my EOS ARM system up and running on a USB SSD. I followed the steps in your tutorial and everything went through flawlessly this time. Thank you so much for your help and your patience.

The only little hiccup was that, for whatever reason, I couldn’t install Sway. It didn’t really return an error, but just stated that installing sway failed. So I restarted the script and chose i3 this time, which succeeded.

Now I have to set everything up to my liking and get used to i3. There are already a couple of user-space issues that want fixing—like Firefox not starting, but those I can deal with one way or another. Also … i3 is weird. Especially since I’ve been using full-blown DEs for the last 25 years.

How is that working out for you btw? As I mentioned earlier, Manjaro ARM KDE on an RPI was a sh*tshow for me. Everything was laggy and slow and even video playback was horrid. And this really pains me, because I like Plasma and I’m used to it.

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The only Desktop Manager that is officially supported by Sway is ly. Lightdm-gdk-greeter sometimes works. It is a mess. To get around this:
login as your user, then type in “sway”.

However, sway is advertised as a drop in replacement for i3 except running on Wayland instead of x11. So using i3 is basically using sway except on x11.

I just upgraded to Firefox 98 on my RPi 4b 4 GB RAM 64 bit KDE Plasma on USB SSD. It wouldn’t even launch. I had to dowgrade to Firefox.97.2 and then FIrefox worked.

I am typing this now on my 64 bit KDE Plasma on USB SSD. It works quite well actually.
It is not as snappy as my Ryzen 7 2700, but subjectively it seems snappier than my Lenovo ThinkPad T430 running Plasma on an internal SSD.

I am using Plasma on my RPi 4b because this is where I do all my development work. Once I got used to scripting on Kate, there was no going back. Also love the way that Kate and Konsole interact by pressing F4. It’s like having an IDE.


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