Newbe question, used the git clone produre, can I delete extra directories?

So, I’ve just migrated from Manjaro, and I have successfully installed Brave, QtGrace, and Paru. Now I have folders with those names, except for the brave one, the brave folder showing up labeled as brave-bin, are under the folder with my name on it, which is in turn under my home folder. I’m thinking these just represent temporary workspaces that can be deleted, but thought I should ask people here. Is this a good ides?

Mark Lytle

If you cloned the AUR repositories then you can remove those clones, or keep them for when you want to update the packages.


Welcome aboard! :smile:

How exactly did you install those apps? Did you use the yay command?

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I used the cloning git procedure on QtGrace and Paru. I think I used Yay on Brave and also I loaded webplotdigitizer.

I’ve seen advocates on Youtube say that Paru will replace Yay sometime in the future as one of the main developers of Yay has promoted this new pacman wrapper, so I followed the instructions on that video channel to install it. First software install I’ve done in a while that really heated up my old 4th gen I7 and made the fans really blow, but I’ve yet to actually use the command.

To install packages you can use:

  • pacman: e.g. sudo pacman -Syu firefox
  • yay: e.g. yay -Syu timeshift
  • paru: e.g. paru -Syu timeshift

Seems like you installed the harder way, right?

We have had threads about yay and paru. Both are being developed, and both are still alive and well. Only time will tell their status in the future.

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I myself prefer


If you hate compiling, you can also add the Chaotic-AUR and get

pikaur-git from there


Includes things like a working sudo loop, doas support, sorting support, and it works well (I’m not saying bury yay or that yay sucks.

It also has a config.pikaur doesn’t try to be smarter than pacman.
And pikaur is also more resilient to errors. If an error occurs when compiling, you can either try again, abort the whole thing, skip the package, try to recover it and more.

I think I’ve shilled for pikaur too much.

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I’m sure I’m not efficient at anything yet. I’ve been using this OS for about a week, still at the stage of install something, manage not to break anything and feel pretty good about it. Taking some notes as I go. I still have Manjaro on another machine and one I maintain for my wife, and I rarely used the terminal in that environment, so this is a steeper learning curve. The draw of access to more software and having more control is what made me decide to come here, but I expect to be clumsy for a while.

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Great that you are willing to learn! :+1:

There’s nothing wrong about using GUI or using terminal. Both of them have their pros and cons.

Our wiki has lots of useful info pages, such as this:
and many others.

And if you need any help, friendly people will help you go to the right direction, as you probably have already noticed.

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