New Year's Resolution

Have any of you made a New Year’s resolution and if so what is it if you care to share it?

Mine is to stop procrastinating about doing repairs that are needed around my home.

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My new year’s resolution is still 1920x1080. I’m happy with it as it’s easy on my eyes.


My newyears resolution wil be a fresh lxqt iso…hope i can move to a new rabbit hole :sweat_smile:

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On top of my list was to wash off my brain for 2023…
But I decided to do exactly the opposite. sadly :vulcan_salute: :nerd_face:

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Taking care of myself again. With such a busy year, I’ve spent more time on everything but me.

Get out my camping gear again, get out hiking and golfing again. Less time with computers, and more time outside like I moved here to do.

And stop eating garbage food again. I was doing great for a long time, and cooking has also not been priority as my work hours have increased.

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I have the same new year’s resolution every year, it has become a tradition: quit smoking.


Happy “Every” New Year! :rofl:


I have new year’s resolution that i won’t distrohop for at least 3 months. :grinning:

Mine is to stop making new year’s resolutions.


My New Year’s resolution is to drink more. Like, a lot more.

I think I will be successful.


It was going to be to join some of you people into another site but I’m kind of being treated like a prisoner. I have no telephone, but they don’t care. Cannot join Discord because of it, and I have made a huge mistake already being part of that “alien” site which is a giant confusion and reminded me of MySpace but even worse.

I have sentimental reasons to ban Github. Sorry won’t go there.

Otherwise I have to stop distro-hopping, but I like checking out stuff that is interesting. The paint has been getting thinner since late October however…

To eat less junk, especially sugar. It is hard because have a sweet tooth and I love coke and other soft drinks too much. Maybe I just replace cola with beer :rofl:

I haven’t had any problems with my weight since childhood because I exercise a lot but the consumption of sugar and shitty food appears as tiredness and other stuff. And also I have diabetes in my family tree so…

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jokes aside, I really want to get through my last year of high school and become an eagle scout. and i want to go to college. that’s my resolution


This year, I resolve to be less condescending.
(That’s talking down to people BTW…)

My New Year’s resolution is to be able to make a New Year’s resolution next year. :older_adult:


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I quit smoking twice a week for two years before I finally gave up cigarettes.

I could probably kick my oxygen habit before I become less condescending.

And mine is to stop dri. . n . . .

Ya I can’t even type that in a vague amount of sincerity. hahahaha. My donations to Jalisco hasn’t wavered in the slightest. Cheers.


One day you’ll just wake up and say it’s time. It was just over 10 years ago for me. I just said, today is the day, I threw away the half a pack of Camels I had and that was it. You need to be ready, you need to want it and you need to just do it. As long as you say “after this pack” or “this next one is my last one” and just say, right now, I’m done, you’ll never do it. You’ll be ready when you’re ready. It sucks. It’s incredible. Gum helped me a lot. “Someday” you’ll quit will be “right now” I’m quitting and once you make that turn and you’ve made the choice, it will just happen. If I can do it. You can to. Do it for you man, you deserve it.


Kinda my thing :slight_smile:

I also decided to eat less junk, remove sugar completely ( at least to eat natural one, from fruits etc), but no cakes, chocolate ( or just 3 days per month, health dark chocolate :slight_smile: )

Be more positive and to exercise, walk a lot, sleep better. I am not old ( yet) but I started to feel like it , haha

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Age is just a number, but some days that number is bigger than others.


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I added to my New Year’s resolution! :rofl: