New yay out! Updated to v11.3.0

Greetings lovely community,

Today is a good day if you’re an AUR helper user as yay v11.3.0 just came out! It has a couple of new features, bug fixes, translation updates, and miscellaneous improvements. Some of the notable new features include the following:


  • e0006ec (aur) add option to limit concurrent downloads (#1768)

  • 0fdfe79 Add experimental vote util to yay (#1765)

  • feat(vote): add vote utility

  • update deps

  • add vote and unvote capabilities

  • use -W for web ops

For the #1763 pull, it’s worth mentioning:

  • feat(aur): add option to limit concurrent downloads

Adds to config file option ‘maxconcurrentdownloads’ which if set to value != 0, limits number of concurrent AUR downloads to specified. Fixes #1763. * fix lint issue

If you’d like to see the full list of bug fixes and check the release notes, please see the link below on the devs GitHub:

Not sure who maintains yay in the EndeavourOS repo, but feel free to politely ping that user so they know. Anyways, just a quick post, hope everyone is having a great weekend! :wink:


Well, what can I say but…



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But… but… how is that possible?! The paru developer told me that yay was dead!
Even the tubers reported on it!



Since yay is in the eos repo it will need to be updated?


Yes, whoever is the maintainer of the yay package in the endeavouros repo has to rebuild it.


Judging by the EndeavourOS PKGBUILD GitHub where yay and other EndeavourOS packages are located, it looks like @joekamprad might be the main guy to be really really nice to and kindly ask for an update to yay when he has the time, no rush of course :wink: :enos:

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Maybe? :shushing_face:


yay updated to the repo. :sweat_smile:
May take some time to get to the mirrors near you.


Joe is on vacation btw…


Thanks for the update Joe #2! I mean @manuel :wink:

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The mirror at already has it. Just updated…

~🐸 yay --version
yay v11.3.0 - libalpm v13.0.1

Thanks @manuel, that was fast.


Took me about 2 hours to realize yay was updated…
This time I was exceptionally fast. :crazy_face:


Thanks! Everyone

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Doesn’t seem to be getting to me yet?

We don’t distribute updates down the Bacon Pipeline

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Not me either but I’m sure it’ll get here soon. I got the 5.19 kernel update waiting too, about time to install that.

Must be clogged with grease? :laughing:


We need to add a bit more Canadian Maple Syrup to the servers, and then the mirrors will get updates for you. Just try again in like an hour and see :wink:

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You could use the Alpix repo to get it sooner…

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Where do i get the alpix repo info to add it to the mirror list. I tried adding Germany but it didn’t do anything.