New version of sudo

Just for the people interested. I, personally, never use sudo. Whenever I need admin privileges, I use su.


Thank you for this information. I do use sudo on occasion, though I too most often use su.

Do you, or anyone else, know if this new version will be coming soon to EndeavourOS?



Almost all Linux distributions will automatically be automatically updated to this version. If you can’t wait, the code’s already available on the sudo GitHub repository.

So I think it’ll be in the repositories in the near future. Maybe a matter of days. This is at least the way I read this.
But as written in the article you can get it at github right away.
is already in testing


I also prefer su. As I can see, the new version better protects the user from themselves.

Just to complete the thread : I installed the version a few minutes ago.

So how do you like it? What are the new security features?

I’m not the right person to address that question to. As I told you before I use su preferably to sudo. If a program uses it I just enter the password and that’s it. I never had a closer look behind the curtain. A look in man page or changelog might be more of a help. Alternatively it might help to start a new topic where people could discuss changes and experiences. That might even help other people to get a deeper insight.

I started a new topic on using su and sudo. Su or sudo?