New version of EOS? Where can I find out about important changes?

Hi friends.

I update my EOS every 7 or 14 days, I saw that there were many packages available and I updated them all. Now my default EOS fund has been changed to a new one.

Does it mean we have a new version of EOS, like Cassini or Galileo?

And, in which subforum here can I find out what important updates or news each new update brings?

Thanks in advance friends!

The changes and fixes described are for the Live environment and the installation process. The release name changes are markers for big changes on the ISO, Neo and Nova releases are mainly minor refreshes and minor bugfixes on the ISO.

Your system is up-to-date. :wink:


Thank you very much for the information friend! :smiley:

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And if you have a RSS reader, you can subscribe to it -


Thanks friend, I hadn’t seen this subforum before!

Also, I found this!

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