New User waiting till 15th

When EndeavourOS comes out on the 15th I will install it because just had a look with it on my USB. Looking good because I am a XFCE user.


Welcome on the forum and it’s only 11 days to the official launch…:wink:

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OK i will be one of the first people to install it.


Release on a monday? Guess I have to wait until after dinner to install it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello all,

I’m also following this project very closely. I’ve been using Linux on various computers for several years. But it’s mostly been Debian or Ubuntu-based distros. I’m a big fan of MX Linux, for example.

That said, I’ve been looking into ways to start dipping my toes in the Arch waters. The idea of customizing my OS, while leaving out a lot of applications/packages that I will never use, is very appealing to me. Hence, no Manjaro for me; there’s a lot of extra that comes along with that distro.

That said, I’m not a tech professional - I’m a lawyer, not a developer or IT pro. But I am a self-taught hobbyist/enthusiast when it comes to computers and love the FOSS world.

I’m hoping that Endeavour OS will be the way to sort of ease into the world of Arch for me!


Mxlinux is my default Distro which i will never change but i will install Endeavour on my external drive for the latest apps.

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