New User to EndeavourOS

Hi Guys and Girls! I just want to take a moment and give a big thumbs up to the devs and everyone making EndeavourOS possible. I have been running Linux Mint for the past 4 months and i was really reluctant to change until a friend from work introduced me to Endeavour. Everything is super fast, YAY is awesome and the system is nice and minimal which is what most distro’s lack and absolutely gorgeous themes, the definition of choice!
All my clients making the switch from Windows love it (I set up everything they need).
Live long and prosper EndeavourOS :wink:


Welcome to EOS and the forum. Thanks for giving EOS a try. I hope you enjoy your time here.


Thanks @Jaco, enjoy your time with us. :rocket:

Follow the announcement in the near future…a new takeoff could happen !

My laptop i am running EOS on is an I3 with 4gb ram, runs much better than a majority of other linux distro’s and the ease of use is just perfect. I understand the system and how it works better than the debian and rpm based distro’s. I really can’t heap enough praise on this project!