New user on EndeavourOS

Hey, been around the block with Arch. Hate the people who run their forum. but. love the system. Just saying Hi. I do think you should add Pamac for people who have problems with Terminal. Luckily, I am not one of them. Nice OS and looks like you have put a lot of work into it. Keep up the good work.
Edit, did not see Kalu in place of Pamac, I’ll try that.


New linux user here. I read the wiki here How do I find electronic design automation software.
Is there someway to find software like in google play store.

just pass whatever you’re looking for to yay command in terminal, i.e.:

yay electronic

it gave me 50+ results on that string, including actual electronic software. Basically it would be best if you’d know name of package, or at least something that make it stand out of crowd, like instead of ‘hobby board drawing tool’ -> ‘fritzing’. You can duckduck it, or search on archlinux website.
If you’re looking for pure graphical (GUI) installer, you have answer just above:

Hello @beardedragon, welcome to the community!

@linuxnoob Just google the name of the application + arch i.e matlab arch.

Also you can look into the wiki, List of applications/Science/Electronics.


Thank you I installed Kicad.

Always happy to help, enjoy the distro! :grinning:

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Yeah daily people ask to add pamac. Endeavouros is also not a complete newbie proof distro. You can say its an arch installer with some shine. But endeavouros supporting pacman, because thats the most stable package manager. When people uses pamac, in some way you can run issues also to maintain it is also an effort to follow upstream. Basic understanding of pacman is also needed and to learn.

With Yay we can install a lot Gui applications.

vpacmen (stil in dev)
thepackage (package manager from the shell)

also some cli wrappers install from aur.

Endeavouros you can say you are in go to an adventure. sky rocketing to te heaven with a backup with the community. Without too complicated install procedures.

There are a lot arch based distro’s that shipping pamac these days, and this way Endeavouros has its own glance.