New user looking for some help and advice on a few things

I’ve been meaning to switch to endevouros for some time now as from what I’ve seen the community looks like a great place and i love the direction of development and as I just got myself a new gaming laptop I figure I might as well take hold of the moment and go for it! I was just looking for some advice on a few thing as I have some experience as I’ve got a couple of ubuntu servers running but for pretty basic stuff like lgsm and nextcloud and I was using manjaro for some time but long story shot hade to move back to windows due to CPU compatibility issues with the kernal

  1. How to change the default kernal as it’s currently booting LTS by default but the more up to date regular kernal would be better for my system and I am using systemd-boot

  2. I’m using a hybrid gpu setup nvidia/intel and I really don’t know where to start especially when it comes to gaming/other applications that require the use of my nvidia gpu. I’ve gone through the nvidia getting started section but I don’t know if I should just follow the newer guides and if nvidia-inst would setup optimus for me or if I should go and try out EnvyControl instead

  3. Any other general advice for a new user would be great especially if I’m missing something obvious and what’s the best places to keep myself up to date on the latest endevouros/arch news

  4. Whenever I’ve booted up and get to the login screen none of my peripherals work for the first 10 seconds

  5. What general maintenance should I be performing on my system like keeping my drivers kernal and packages up to date

I just wanted to say thanks to anyone even just taking a glimpse at this let alon replying this has been something I’ve been wating to dive into for a very long time

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This is described in the wiki:

If you open a terminal and type yay, this will update all packages from the AUR and the repos including kernels and drivers.


Hello Michael :wave:
Glad to meet you :smiley:

As a daily learning user, I’ll be on the look for some reading from your posts as you make everything to your taste and to the performance your targeting for your computer. Having the experience your mentioning is surely gonna help as you go forward.

Take great care and see you down the log :wink:

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