New to EndeavourOS liking what I see

Just a quickie to say Hello.
I am from the north of the UK and have been a Linux user for years really.
I repair PCs for a sideline and always encourage customers to give linux a try.
Someone around here has told most people linux is hard to use …LOL
Apart from re-installing windows by customers request I install distros mainly, mint and ubuntu as they seem more user friendly and easier for a brand new user to get on with.
Personally I have had most distro’s that’s worth talking about and been using Manjaro on a daily basis for the last couple of year.
Low and behold I came across EndeavourOS, seen it advertised in a few online groups so I thought I would give it a try.
Honestly its so easy to install and add anything you want via terminal .
It has the wow factor and everything I was looking for in a distro.
I have tried to install Arch myself and failed. I think it was lack of reading in wiki.
I followed a couple of youtube videos and still failed. hahahaha
So until I get another old practice machine in to try it again I will stick with EOS .
I have an imac coming in this week i5 cpu 16g ram and 500g ssd so guess whats getting installed on that and goodbye apple.
I will go as far to say I will now be directing customers to this distro and installing on their behalf.
Really easy install and responsive system.
I like it.



Welcome to the dark side @Carp , there’s no going back. :crazy_face:

Welcome to the forum @Carp , how’d you try to install Arch? Did you try it with archinstall? It makes it very easy to install

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No I am not familiar with archinstall mate. I am on the case now looking into that.
Its Just something I want to do ( install Arch from scratch ) and know what I am doing.
I am fascinated by arch, no other way to describe it as the ultimate distro.
But let me say this. EOS is near perfect for the average daily user.
Installing all apps you use in any other distro is a breeze.
No more need for snap craft.
Thanks to developers.
And thanks again for the info on archinstall


Welcome to the EOS family. Over time, you will come to realize that this is the best Linux community by a long shot. Cheers mate!


Welcome @Carp !

Welcome @Carp - once you start rolling with EndeavourOS EndeavourOS starts rolling with you :wink:

Have fun here.

Thanks for that mate I appreciate that.
You know now I think of it .
EndeavourOS already gives Arch the lazy way,
I love easy ways. hahaha
One of the easiest distro I have ever came across .
Its all a walk in the park but it is so powerful and beautiful to work with.
I cant believe how good it performs.

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Welcome to the forum @Carp :enos: :enos_flag:

Welcome aboard!:rocketa_purple:

Its like you give a computer to someone loaded with EndeavourOS. Then the next year you give them one with microshayte windows to use they will soon be calling you a helmet for downgrading presents. LOL
You lads know the crack…hahahahahaha

Just came across this while looking on search engines .
What a novel…hahahaha
The start of this video had me creased. LOL
Don’t know who it is but sounds about right. LOL


I would prefer to use the word efficient rather than lazy but I know your point. Time is an invaluable currency :slightly_smiling_face:

I really do apologize my wording of lazy was loose and efficient could easily replace it.
Thanks for your coding.
Your coding from standard is yay-NosePicker^*44sS-efficent
Only joking cheers mate.

@Carp great to have you here friend!

Good to have you with us! Installing Arch doesn’t make you any better or worse, - it’s just another way to dig down into the roots of how a system works, building it up from scratch. I’ve installed it a few times myself, and the first few times were definitely trial and error.

Like anything else, it’s a learning experience, and the journey is what counts. Use what works for you, whether that’s EOS or any other platform. The right tool for the right job, - and have fun on the way. I couldn’t function without Linux, more so Plasma KDE. It stands head and shoulders above anything else for me for the ability to customise it according to how I need my environment to work.

Long live Arch or Arch-based distros, and Plasma!

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Hello Steve :wave: @Carp
With your experience in the computer service your going to have a superb time enjoying EndeavorOS :smiley:

If any hardware glitch present itself you will diagnosed it and fix rapidly and if any software hick-up comes along, they are a lot of great knowledgeable members and professionals that help us all the time :+1:

Happy new year! :confetti_ball:

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Hi and welcome to the forum, and of course Endeavour OS. :enos_flag: :enos:

I have now learned how to install and run arch.
Its not bad once you click on how to.
Mind you having said that…I have numerous software I use daily and other stuff I use momentarily and by the time I load all my “must have stuff” in arch it basically becomes Endeavour LOL