New to endeavour!

I am so happy installing this distro. Now I get to try it out! Thanks to the team for a wonderful installer and welcome screen as well as the love and work that has gone into this arch based distro!!

I just install endeavor OS with lxqt, xfce, gnome, and plasma. Is there anything I need to be aware of?


You installed all at the same time?

Make different users for each DE TI separate config files.


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Yes. The journey is gonna be fun :blush:

On a serious note, I’m not sure if Gnome and Plasma will get along with each other. I haven’t used either of them as daily drivers, but I have heard about one DE overriding the settings you change from other DE. Also, your app list is gonna look cluttered. Probably more stuff other forum members can tell. I’m a window manager person :slight_smile:

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You missed BSPWM, i3, Cinnamon, Sway, Bugi, and MATE :rofl: .

You might run into issues if you installed all of the DE’s (desktop environments) under the same user account.

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Did you mean buggy :rofl:


Yeah that I’m kind of in the clouds at the moment … if you get my drift.


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Okay? :confused:… btw

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Just make different accounts for each DE (just like it did) and you will be fine.

That sounds familiar … oh yeah, I did that once … brace for impact captain ! It is gonna be a bumpy ride ! (read with Zulu’s Japanese accent)

Seriously, it is gonna be bumpy.


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