New to Endeavour, questions about keygrabbing (KDE)

Good morning,

for my new PC I gave Garuda a whirl, but for me it is not ready for the spotlight. Endeavour was my second choice, and I’m happily using it currently. Everything went smooth as butter, and I have only very minor strangeness.

One of my tiny problems is with regards to key mappings. I am using Double Commander with qt-bindings as my file manager. It has multiple key bindings that allow for a change to the sorting of files and directories: Ctrl+F3 to Ctrl+F6 switch through the multiple sorting options (file name, extension, size, date).

While I am able to sort by size using Ctrl+F6, I cannot revert to sorting by name using Ctrl+F3. Somehow, some function of (what I presume) KDE captures that key binding and doesn’t let Double Commander get it.

Now, the amount of default key bindings is staggering, spread over multiple setup dialogs. I have looked through that dialogs I could find, but I have not been able to find which function captures that specific key combination. I have either overlooked the combination multiple times, or there is no entry that has Ctrl+F3 as a binding, and the key combination is swallowed somewhere else.

So, my question is twofold:

  • Is there a transparent way to search through all KDE key bindings, without needing to switch through multiple configuration dialogs? I’d be happy with a list of all default bindings as HTML.
  • Can someone point me to where my lost key binding (Ctrl+F3) is being gobbled up?

Thank you.

Maybe this link can help you.
It lists KDE’s common shortcuts.

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Yes, thank you, that helped tremendously. I found that Ctrl+F1 to Ctrl+F4 was registered to switch to different workspaces; and although these workspaces weren’t configured, it still gobbled the keypress up, leaving the Double Commander in the dark.

I’ve disabled the 4 key bindings, and now Double Commander registeres the changes.


Welcome to the Forum. I see you have an excellent taste in movies.

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Welcome @DromundKaas

KDE is awesome.

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I think so too. I was running KDE a long, long time ago, and Gnome was miles ahead back in those days, just from a usability point. KDE was fumbly, a slog and not very fun to use. What a change it has been since Plasma was born.

Yes it has gotten quite good. I have never been a fan of Gnome and haven’t used it much at all. I know it’s good too but it just never grew on me.

Herzlich Willkommen bei der Bestrebung
Welcome to the Endeavour!

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