New to endeavour and linux as a whole and need some help with installation

Hi there! This is my first time using any linux os and im facing some problems regarding installation. I chose online installation and the first time it got stuck on installing packages and after that it showed an error saying “The package manager could not make changes to the installed system” along with a string of command. Ive also noticed that my wifi speed is incredibly slow, it averages around 200-300 kbp/s while i used to get 5-6 mp/s. Is there a fix for these problems?

Hi and welcome the forum.
I have similar problems with my laptop from time to time. For me a very simple but effective fix is to shutdown the Laptop and than start it again (a restart does not work). This fixes the error when I boot Linux after I have been using Windows. Why this fixes the problem? I have no idea…

Another option could be that your mirror server is slow. To rule this out do the following steps:

  1. Open the ‘Welcome’ application.
  2. Go to ‘After Install’
  3. Click on ‘Update Mirrors (Arch, reflector-simple)’
  4. Select your country and/or countries in close proximity.
  5. Make sure that on the right hand side sort by is set to ‘Rate’
  6. Click ok and when it is done save in the pop up window
  7. In the ‘Welcome’ application click ‘Update Mirrors (Endeavour OS)’
  8. Wait for the process to finish and confirm with your password

When done with these steps try again. Hopefully this fixed it. If not please post the output of the following command: lspci -vq | grep -i wireless -B 1 -A 5

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User is struggling with the OS install itself…

what is your location?
In case you need to rank the mirrors before starting the installer from the welcome app.

And in case you want a solution for any installer related issue, you need to provide the installer-log.

and indeed welcome here :enos: