New to Arch/EndevourOS


I’m sorry for bothering you people but I got an issue.
I recently left ubuntu / debian and switched to arch / endevourOS

Since this is my first time on arch I got a few questions.
When trying to install EndeavourOS with two screen connected it would not load at all and freeze up after a while. Same with booting it after the installation.
As soon as you connect a second monitor and try to boot it just won’t.

My second problem is that after booting the system and want to open let’s say firefox it takes a minute or two for it to open.
Loading a website also takes ages. Doing the same on my laptop works fine (My Laptop is running debian atm) Sometimes the network won’t load at all and I just get a timeout.

I don’t have any specific firewall rules applied or in my network.
And the system is running on an NVMe SSD other systems perform better. (Only non arch systems so far.)

I would be happy if anyone could provide me with some info or insight if they had the same issue as I did.
Thanks in advance. : P

Hello! :wave:
There’s very knowledgeable members, programmers, professionals who help us all the times ( us the users :slight_smile: )
You can help them with great information by posting it with your question.

I will follow your thread to learn more.

Take care :slight_smile:

What GPU and driver are you using?

Just the ones that came with the distro. So the mesa drivers for the AMD card.
It’s an RX7900XTX

post the output of
inxi -Fxxc0z --no-host