New theme wallpaper not found

Hello forum, hope you are doing fine

Noticed today that an update for endeavouros-theming was released.
When this happens, I usually reset my theme to EOS XFCE defaults to see the changes.

But this time, I got an error when trying to select the EOS XFCE default wallpaper, but the new wallpaper is there, it seems that the error could be just in Welcome App shortcut?


By the way, it is very nice :slight_smile:



I save almost every background I have ever used, going back to my Ubuntu days. I keep these backgrounds in a folder in my Pictures folder.

Whenever I install (or re-install) a system, I copy these backgrounds (as root) to Home/File System/usr/share/backgrounds/xfce and then, in Desktop Settings, I set the choice to that folder. (Obviously I am using the Xfce Desktop Environment.)

Whenever I see (any place) a new wallpaper that I like, I copy it and keep it. At the moment, I have 221 wallpapers.

This way I can change the Desktop wallpaper to whatever strikes my fancy at any given time.

You probably think I am “nuts” (my wife certainly does!), but, what the heck? It doesn’t cost anything and it makes me happy.


P.S. By the way, my wife sometimes changes her Desktop wallpapers to something she may like better on any given day. With 221 of them, there are lots of choices.


hahaha, you are not “nuts”.
I’ll start doing the same :slight_smile:

Why bother putting your wallpapers in your root?
I made a folder in my home and save my wallpapers there.

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could be that we need to update the script used in welcome also… :wink:
Thanks for reporting this!

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You are welcome :slight_smile: I wish I could contribute more

Sometimes I find myself ‘wallpaper theming’ based on the weather outside, or whether my team won or lost, or just about anything! Some of them exist only to show ‘over the top’ to visitors! If you’re nuts - you’re not alone… :grin:


Could you tell all steps exactly as you did them? Then I can replicate this problem.
And did you update your system right fully before this happened?

Hello Manuel, as my OS is in Portuguese, I took a screenshot.
1st clicked in “Tema do Endeavouros para o XFCE” - EndeavourOS Theme for XFCE
2nd clicked in “Papel de Parede EndeavourOS” - EndeavourOS Wallpaper

After the 1st step, the system rebooted.
The problem happened in the 2nd step.

Sorry about the poor drawing hehe


I found the problem, it was caused by a very recent change.
Default wallpapers are changing, and one place in Welcome’s support lib wasn’t changed accordingly.

The fix (in eos-bash-shared 1.5.21-1) will soon arrive at the mirror near you!


Just to let you know that the reason why I’m able to use a distro based in Arch is due to the awesome work you guys have been developing…
It’s hard for me to help because my knowledge is little to none compared to you folks… But the wish to do so is here, and I’ll keep trying… Thanks EOS!