New Mesa update broke my Plasma desktop

I’ve just downloaded the latest testing/unstable update containing new Mesa and now Plasma has stopped working properly. The mouse cursor keeps disappearing and desktop text has missing characters.

Anyone else get this?

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Thanks a lot for the info. Yeah, it seems to apply to all desktops and display managers. Hope it gets fixed soon.

The issue seems to be an Arch thing as I’m running Mesa 22.2 on Debian Sid without problems.

Latest theory is that it’s some kind of LTO issue:

Disabling lto in the PKGBUILD and building mesa 22.2 on my own leads to a working mesa 22.2 on my system. But I would not call the issue to be an Arch issue.

Every distribution that uses lto should be affected. Debian seems to not use lto.
The thing that puzzles me is the comment in the mesa-bug that says that the issue does not happen anymore for the reporter although he uses lto - so there could be an alternate fix out there.


The recently released Mesa 22.2.0-2 works round the problem by disabling LTO.

I chased this same issue around on my machine … affect Gnome desktop that same as you described for Plasma. I ultimately install mesa-git from AUR which resolved the issue, but removed some related libs for vulkan, etc… With today’s mesa update to 22.2.0-2, I was able to switch back to the regular mesa package and reinstall vulkan and related packages.

All seems to be working okay now. It was sort of a challenge to navigate things with no visible cursor. :slight_smile: