New Linux core package Upgrade and Nvidia Beta Aur package prevent eos from booting

This isn’t a support Thread, i just want to warn ppl and share the solution to the problem i had. In addition i want to collect some data, if it’s a individual problem or a general problem.

So i updated my System Yesterday turned it off and on again today. So i got stuck while booting at the Reached target Graphical Interface Task. So i switched to tty and uninstalled nvidia beta aur package and reinstalled nvidia stable package. After reboot everything was working fine again. Anyone got the same problem ? I would atleast recommened to wait updating your System, if you use nvidia beta to see if it‘s a me problem or a general problem.

PS: I just updated core packages yesterday no nvidia related stuff

Anyway have a great day Guys and be safe :v:

You could try using nvidia-beta-dkms

This might work because isn’t explicitly tied to the kernel version.

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