New kid on the block? What do you think?

Was surfing around and saw this Guix.
Anyone knows it? I read about it a bit and I was thinking of trying it, maybe in a VM. Any thoughts?

Guix isn’t really a new kid on the block; not very well known, but much older than eOS. first binaries uploaded to archive in 2013.

I think @Kresimir was waiting for GNU. :laughing:


Actually pretty old, the GNU Project announced it in November 2012 the first release of GNU Guix. I believe RMS uses it?

I think

had a bunch of hits
Chinese food makes me sick.

Guix is great, though, when it comes to pure Free software distros, I prefer GNU Parabola.

Eos is great! Kde all the way! GNU is dead! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

KDE? No thank you! Cinnamon :slight_smile: Happy we all have the freedom to choose.

I like Cinnamon too! I use Xfce Cinnamon & Kde!

Ok so I was late to the party :tada::joy: o well. Struck my interest tho.

GNU parabola is basically Arch but free if I recall correctly right?

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another distro that is similar to guix is nixos. haven’t tried either of them though