New Keyboard Needed, But

I figured this for the best spot. Move if needed…

I need a new keyboard. My Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2, has seen it’s days. I currently use green caps (similar to Brown MX)

I tried a friends keyboard and he has Blue MX caps. Feels more my type of platform I’m looking for.
(I think he had some Corsair brand)

The things I need:
-Backlight (either controlled onboard or app)
-Full Keyboard (num pad)
-If at all possible, USB passthrough
-Blue MX caps
-<=$100 (will go higher if I must)

I heard Ducky, DAS keyboard, and a few others are good. Out of all of you, someone should know about this… (right?)

Keychron K10

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Yeah, Keychron doesn’t have full keyboards, tho…

That’s the one I got with num pad. They also mention Linux quite a bit and have a user group.

What company is Gateron? (the caps)

No switches, they are pretty good ‘budget’ switches.

I was always told Cherry MX caps were the best. BUT through out my searches, that doesn’t seem to be true.

Again Gateron are switches not caps. Cherry mx are pretty similiar to Gaterons. Cherry is also a type of profile of caps. You have many different profiles like xda, sda and so on…

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I always called switches caps. So ignore that part… LOL

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I’ve got a Corsair K70 I’m pretty happy with and the ckb driver/software is pretty good.

I’ve also heard good things about Ducky and Keychron keyboards

Corsair k100 here with the corsair opx switches. Love the dedicated macro keys but Linux support is non-existent…or so I thought. Thank you @KDen for mentioning ckb drivers, I bookmarked them and will take a look.

The HP encoder keyboard comes with MX reds and I think blues or browns. You can frequently pick it up for around 40$. You’ll need to replace the keycaps as the ones HP has on it are brittle but the deck and switches are VERY good at that price.

I was in a situation needing a keyboard sub 100$ and that’s what I got. I swapped all but the windows key, space bar, and one Ctrl key as they’re non standard sizing along with spacebar being well supported and Ctrl button being infrequently used on that side of the keyboard. Price with keycaps was 60$ and I’m pleased with it.

I have two of these (one with keypad, one without). Absolutely love them.

I see the HyperX Alloy Orgins is 69.99 (originally 109.99) sadly I cant get it this month. Will have to wait for Nov…