New iso 22.08

new iso in github link

Yes, the team(mostly @joekamprad) is in the process of uploading a rebuilt ISO to the mirrors.

This is a short-term fix to help with the grub issue for offline installs. It is identical to the previous Neo release with updated packages only.

It probably won’t resolve all the current grub issues but it should stop the issue where updating grub causes a complete failure in grub dumping you back at the BIOS or triggering a secondary boot option to load.


That is in case Grub does it again it will give another boot loader?
If i may ask, why not making the default rEFInfd with BTRFS support?
I believe as well for those who chose BTRFS they should have at least a script to install BTRFS Assistant, Snapper… etc.

Great job as usual!
Amazing EndeavourOS,
Amazing team
Amazing community

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You know all these things take time to implement and then take even more time to test right? How is it possible to do it in 2 days? I know Joe, dalto, and manuel are magicians but even magic has a limit.


I know for sure. But I can’t tell how long or how much man hour needed and how much man hour are available.
I was just thinking out loud with you!

I thought it is work in progress for a few days… not 2 days!

What you all are doing is much more magic than magicians can do.
You are doing a great job.

No, as I stated, it is literally the exact same ISO with newer packages.

Feel free to write one.


Many thanks to the entire team! You are the greatest! :+1:t2:



What is actually better for the quality of the downloaded ISO, direct download or download via torrent?

It’s probably the same quality. Always do the checksum after download

Well that anyway … :wink:

I also ask because I have no other use for a torrent client. Only because of the EOS.ISO 2x a year is not worth it.

I believe it’s a limitation of Calamaris more than anything. Grub is the most universal bootloader tool covering old to new computers. Ideas are easy. Implemention takes a lot of work.

It’s a community effort in a number of ways and it’s a labor of love of our big 3. When you say man hours available, you’re really asking how much free time is available? It’s not as if this is an allocated budget line of developers at Google.

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PRs always encouraged


I personally believe torrent is better because it verifies the download so you don’t need to verify it yourself.


Sure. Only in EndeavourOS and the community here I could feel love :heart: is everywhere. Love from and to developers, community, users,….

Love is what EndeavourOS is all about that makes it really outstanding.


I will highly appreciate further explanation about what happens if Grub fails as it did.

Will my updated installation (from an earlier ISO) have this new feature and trigger a secondary boot option?

Does this mean we never have to worry about a boot loader failure?

downloaded and installed the fixed version now

Any new packages (that were not in the previous ISO) I should install to be sure I am up to the latest and not missing anything?

in particular.

No, if you have updated the system you are good to go. The only thing that was fixed is the offline install option. Rebuilding an ISO also means it ships with the latest kernel and other core packages, but you are already running those.


Thank you very much @Bryanpwo
You and the team are really making a wonderful job.
Since 2000 on Linux I had never come to a wonderful distro, a wonderful community, and a wonderful team as EndeavourOS. :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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