New Installation Request

Hi all,

This request might be heresy to the command line DIY fans.

But in the interests of efficiency, would it be possible at all to have a list of commonly used apps in each category, which the installer could tick/untick so they are installed on a fresh install?

I know it would save my time when doing fresh installs and I’m sure it would for a lot of other ppl too.

Don’t shoot me.


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How would such a list be defined? I mean, everyone has a different opinion of what commonly used means. It could easily be hundreds or thousands of packages.

Just my perspective, but having more things to check or uncheck would make my installs less efficient.

There is isn’t much that is more efficient of keeping a list of packages in a text file and installing them with a simple single pacman command.

Alternatively, you can provide a custom package list to the installer.

I think there are some common apps which are popular.

eg. wps/libreoffice for office, vlc for videos, etc.

Didn’t realise you could send package list to installer or pacman.

Do you have a link pls for instructions.


There are about 100 ways to do this with pacman. I usually do something like this:

sudo pacman -Syu $(cat packagelist.txt | awk NF=NF RS= OFS=' ')

Where packagelist.txt is a file that contains a list of packages one per line.


seems EndeavourOS already has this option in its welcome window, although its only for a few apps and features at present.

thanks for link

My suggestion, for what it’s worth, take a look at this list:

Then just install from the terminal what you fancy… Couldn’t be easier, IMO.

Additionally, you can search the repo packages here:

and the AUR here:

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Eventually people will figure out that they can use the pkgs.txt file on the live ISO and install any package that’s in the Arch repo. All AUR packages have to be installed afterwords with yay which is extremely easy and fast. I don’t think it should be up to EndeavourOS devs to tell people what should or could be installed. The Welcome app has the list of ALL available packages both in the Arch repo and the AUR. All they have to do is check if what ever they are looking for is there. Then install it by either method required.

Edit: It’s all in Discovery



Not sure if this would help you, but EndeavourOS installer supports inserting your own list of additional packages.

A simple way is to write package names into file /home/liveuser/user_pkglist.txt and then install in the online mode. This will install the default packages listed by EndeavourOS, and then your additional packages from that file.

Another way to install is to close the Welcome window and restart it from the terminal:

eos-welcome --pkglist=URL

This way you can give an URL that refers to a file (e.g. at github if you have an account there) that contains a similar list of additional packages, and they will be installed like above.

Edit: oh, didn’t see that @ricklinux had already answered this.

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Well i tried but not in a very informative way. :wink:

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Hi @lawmanuk

I think having a commonly used package list in installer might induce some friction in the install process. The installer is aimed at providing a quick installation of an Arch base with a simple DE.

“Commonly used” also varies from person to person. I don’t use Firefox. I don’t use office apps (like LIbreOffice). I don’t keep any media editing apps on my system. None of the “commonly used” apps I have seen in installers ever suited me.

About having your “commonly used” apps - you can add them before starting installler. This link posted also has a video demonstrating the process.

What I personally like to do is to have a text file with all the packages I want on my new systems. Then I run pacman -Syu on it after installing the distro. I like this since it will work on any arch based distro. I don’t need Calameres installer for that. Quite like what dalto suggested.

is there a way to include AUR in this list, maybe by feeding the list into pamac instead of pacman?

thanks for all the helpful replies everyone.

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Not the same list - but automation of installation is still possible by feeding requests to yay. If you get to that point, I fire off an example or two (I have a lot of systems up, and I have an automated ‘populate’ script for all the Arch-based ones)

Example item
		yay -S --noconfirm brave-bin

Because of the --noconfirm, be sure of what you want! Replace brave-bin with whatever package you want…


Have to admit I’m quite unsophisticated and I have a text file which has the commands and information I need to rebuild m,y install.


If you are referring to my command, just use yay instead of sudo pacman and AUR packages should work fine.

You could use the pamac cli as well but yay has the same syntax as pacman and is pre-installed on EndeavourOS.


Tried yay -Syu and resulted in errors.

Tried pamac update and everything updated without errors. Might stick with this.

Now to see if pamac or yay can take package list.

If you are getting errors running yay -Syu, you should post them so we can see and help fix them. It is not normal for that to fail.

They both can.