New Installation Keeps on Freezing

I’ve installed EndeavourOS a few days ago and I haven’t really done much yet.

A few screenshots that might help (as far as I could find out):

Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue?

It happens during browsing, typing, being in the terminal, anytime really.
The whole system freezes and I have to wait between 5 and 30 seconds.

I’ve had Windows 10, Arch Linux and other OS installed before - that’s an issue that never occurred to me before.

Thank you for any help!

I should probably mention that as well:
'I’ve installed linux-lts and linux-lts-header now. Everything else stays the same, I guess?

Edit: I only use i3.
Other than that, I’ve done steps 4 and 5 on this guide:
Can I revert that somehow?’

Does it also happen on lts kernel?

I haven’t tried that (yet). I’m not sure if I know how to do that properly.

In the welcome app you can select akm in the additional software and install linux-lts. Here are more infos

Then when you reboot you can select lts

Edit: I also note that you run i3wm. Any other DE installed on your system or only i3?

Edit 2: in that case you would see what kernel is installed and could select linux-lts and linux-lts-header. Alternatively these can be installed via terminal.

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Thank you for replying that fast!

I’ve installed linux-lts and linux-lts-header now. Everything else stays the same, I guess?

Edit: I only use i3.
Other than that, I’ve done steps 4 and 5 on this guide:
Can I revert that somehow?

I generally do none of that stuff and I don’t really trust Reddit posts, first source of infos better to use arch wiki. I also run several Thinkpads and they run fine without additional power or graphics tuning…

Not sure what got broken, probably the additional fiddling with Intel driver in step 4). Difficult to say.

Approach to problem would need to be different. Perhaps post that piece of info at the top of this thread too.

I’m running the lts-kernel now.

Maybe it helps… I had to revert the watchdog changes as I activated it to reduce boot speed. Maybe that caused the issue? No clue.

Keep us posted but screen freeze are often due to graphics drivers issues. Sometimes new drivers in the kernel don’t play well with some hardware, then lts can possibly fix some issues. But the question is whether you had any issues upon eos install to begin with, before doing the steps recommended in the Reddit post.

My understanding is that this post maybe geared towards hardware with Nvidia and and GPU. If you can’t get the help you need here, my suggestion would be to reinstall eos and then check if you get any system freezes if that is an option.

Then would be faster and easier to troubleshoot the cause. I also have a t490s, almost similar to 480s I assume, and no problems in general with eos out of the box.

Yeah, I think the tweaking could have done some damage.

EOS out of the box usually runs TLP, right?
It somehow got uninstalled two days ago without me doing anything (on purpose).

Then changing the watchdog thing? Probably bad as well.
And the “accelerating the whole system” part wasn’t even necessary, I guess.

Maybe I’ll try a fresh install in a few days. Thank you for your kind help!

Yes I think so.

Probably not.

You are welcome!

The intel driver part in the reddit post is fine, its needed if you want to have hardware acceleration for vifeo for example.

Not anymore, it was removed from the newest iso afaik

Doesn’t EOS do that automatically as well?

Strange, I installed Atlantis and it still came with tlp. Do you mean Atlantis Neo? I guess it’s not difficult to install tlp anyways…

Yes I think in Neo it was removed and replaced with power-profiles-daemon

Hardware video acceleration? no it isn’t done automatically. You need to install ne required packages/drivers

What do you mean by hardware acceleration anyways? I use my ThinkPads without any additional packages and performance works flawless, cpu, ram and Intel graphics. Do you mean for GPU like Nvidia?

I guess that’s what you mean

But to be honest integrated Intel graphics are not that powerful, not sure it’s even worth off loading cpu.

No im not talking about nvidia, it really doesn’t matter what gpu you have, you can use VAAPI to for example hw accelerate videos in Browser.

On for example laptops its a good way to make your device perform better and not blast all the fans at full force when watching for example 4K content on different services (Youtube etc etc).