New Installation EOS, installion Libreoffice-fresh about welcome

How can I do this?

You log out and log back in under X11. It is at the bottom left hand corner below the user name box. Once logged into X11 you can uninstall plasma-wayland-session. Then you won’t be able to log in and use wayland anymore.

sudo pacman -R plasma-wayland-session

I’m still happy with Wayland, but I have switched to libreoffice-still for now, as I’ve been experiencing a similar bug :bug: with libreoffice-fresh.

Hopefully a fix will reach Arch soon:


So it works then with LibreOffice still? The Firefox crashing issue I can’t live with though trying to upload an image in the forum.

Yes :smiley:

No such problem here:

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Perhaps you tray librewolf from AUR, a fork of mozilla.

Nope… i only use Firefox. I just won’t use Wayland!

After starting Libreoffice with this command, you can work on after clicking “Restart in normal mode.”