New installation boots into live environment

After successfully downloading and booting endeavour os, and filling all details after Welcome>>Start the installer.
It showed to restart now. After restart, the same welcome window comes, showing same options, like Start the Installer. Everytime I Boot, this happens.
But ideally it should show an AFTER INSTALL window.

Any solution for this problem?

Thank you.

Did you remove the installation medium (/live USB)?


I am not sure, that I saw any option to do that.

Normally, however, the boot order should change by itself after the correct installation, at least it is like that on my computer.

You need to remove the installation USB before booting into your installed system.
Shutdown the system, remove the USB and boot up again.

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Boot order? You mean, Boot at different time intervals?
Could you please elaborate.

I don’t have any usb attached​:sweat_smile:

What are booting into then?


Remove the optical disk attached then.

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I’m operating on laptop, don’t have a pc, so can’t do that.

The ISO you attached to Virtual Machine in order to install the system. Remove that.

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Its on the left side of the VirtualBox window, under (settings) - hover over optical drive - right click - remove image from optical drive

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Yeah, I got confused​:sweat_smile:

Sorry it is actually on the RIGHT side… my bad!

I guess if you have set the boot order in BIOS to give boot priority to USB, whenever there is one plugged in it will boot into that.

Thank you guys.
It worked :blush:

Nope, once the installation is complete, reboot, then the computer will boot into the newly installed OS by itself, even though the USB stick is still plugged in.

Look into Boot section in BIOS. What are the boot priorities set there?
I would guess in your case it is not USB but the disk.