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Hey EOS gang!

I’ve been contemplating moving to BTRFS for a while and have decided it is time to make that happen. My plan is to dual boot EOS with Fedora (both fresh installs on my 1TB nvme drive). I’ve already done a test run of this on a virtual machine and feel like I’m pretty well prepared to get it done, but thought I’d check with y’all to see if there are any thoughts, recommendations, issues/concerns to consider before getting started?

Thanks in advance.

If you are a tester you should test lol :hugs:



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I’d go with all the default options, to begin with it. You already know about subvolumes, due to Fedora. The rest will provide a “learning curve” with @dalto by your side, I guess.

Happy chances!


YES! :metal: :facepunch:

Which distro would you install first?

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I may be biased, but in my case, Fedora.


You are a little outside the scope of general system installation lol. Do you need EndeavourOS help?

Good question - I wasn’t sure where to put this post. I’m just looking for some general feedback before diving in. Perhaps this should be moved to Lounge?

Don’t worry @dalto is coming lol :joy:

It depends, if you are doing a normal install to two different btrfs partitions, it shouldn’t matter which one you do first.

If you are installing both into a single btrfs partition, do EOS first. The reason for this is that Fedora’s installer is more customizable around btrfs subvolumes.

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Wow he is multitasking


Thanks for the feedback @dalto. I’m not familiar with fedora, so my plan was to do two different btrfs partitions so I could keep them segmented.

Yeah, that is what most people would do. It is much easier and cleaner that way.

When I did my tests on a virtual machine I found that I couldn’t get the grub menu to work correctly when I installed fedora then EOS. Doing it the other way around worked perfectly. Sorry I don’t have any logs to share, but can you think of any reason why that might be the case?

Because os-prober sucks.

You need to understand, how Grub works. Only one of the two can run the os-prober script, without destroying your grub-config.
Or else, the next grub-update on either system might render your multi-boot grub as dysfunctional (i.e. only displaying one of two systems to boot).

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Install EnOS first, then Fedora. Fedora is more likely to pick up EnOS than vica versa because Fedora GRUB is AFAIK a bit weird.

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Why not doing a btrfs install EOS and fedora in virtualbox. You can then test and when you fail to “clone or not to clone” that’s your question.
When you’re doing a btrfs installation the terminal is your friend for installing base base-devel etc. and making btrfs filesystems and subvols. Make your choice between snapper or timeshift. EOS xfce desktop as an example you can find out with these commands.

paclist endeavouros
sudo pacman -Sg xfce4

Again, thanks for all the feedback - I really appreciate it. As an update, I ended up only installing EndeavourOS and the all the grub stuff started happening, so I’ve held off on my original plan of dual booting EOS and Fedora. The fresh install of EOS went perfect and I absolutely love using the btrfs-assistant tool build by @dalto.