New install with Gnome not working

Ok, I did a quick search and did not find anything. Therefore, here is the problem: I have a Vega 64, R7 3700X, Asus B550 Gaming F mainboard, 16GB of ram and I am installing it to a 512GB NVME SSD. I am using a 49 inch Samsung 3840 x 1080 Super Ultra Wide monitor and when booting from the install media, it runs just fine.

The issue is that when I reboot and boot into the installed system, it gets beyond Grub, a bunch of stuff shows on the screen, then I get a flashing cursor and it does not boot to the login screen. I tried a different display port on the monitor and video card but that did not help. I also tried booting with CSM but that did not help either.

Now, I also have Ubuntu 20.04.1 and Windows 10 20H2 installed and they both work fine. (Windows is just for gaming and Ubuntu is my primary OS for everything else, including gaming that will work on it.) So, any ideas what I need to do please? Thanks.

What is odd is, if I do the Ctrl Alt F2, it takes me to the command line. However, whether I log in or not, the odd thing is, if I then do Ctrl Alt F1, it takes me to the GDM screen but, that only works until I reboot.

Edit: I did apply the other fixes, however.

Is it possible that you installed the operating system from a bootable usb that was flawed in some way? Sometimes that occurs and will still install but can lead to a broke default system.
Also just so other people know, what desktop environment did you install? And did you do online / offline install?
It might be a good idea to make a new bootable usb with a newly downloaded iso and check that the iso is ok before doing a fresh install.

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It’s a systemd issue. Please have a look at my post here, I posted the solution that solved the problem for me: Gnome not starting on latest kernel - #4 by ricklinux



This worked zma, thanks. :slight_smile:

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Interestingly, I find that GDM hangs out on CTRLALTF1 but the rest of the DE’s I run seem to live on CTRLALTF7 - and you can return to the running graphic session anytime that way…

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Just a heads up: It appears that the problem occurs when using GNome with GDM and Wayland. I installed the latest Manjaro with Gnome instead of Endevour OS and ran into a similar problem, when the machine went to sleep at the login prompt, it would not come out of sleep.

Now, once I disabled Wayland, it worked without a hitch. :slight_smile: Looks like the reason I had no issues with Ubuntu is because it does not use Wayland, by default. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea, I appreciate it. That was not the issue but you never know.

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