New install. Several windows missing buttons

Never noticed this before. Typical example: Nemo’s Preferences window misses minimize / maximize / close buttons.

I remember having this also once. But i forgot what i did to change it? :thinking:

Changed theme and they appeared. Most likely always there but same color as the theme? Aka adwaita is bugged on Cinnamon?

I just checked on my Cinnamon desktop and i have the same for Nemo preferences window.

Edit: The home window has the minimize/maximize buttons.

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They disappear when you have the Adwaita theme?

I don’t see any difference. The home panel has the minimize/maximize and close and the preferences panel has just the close button.

The issues are probably on my side. I went back to Xfce for now because I want a quick functional install, but I want to do a serious trial with Cinnamon (I liked it in Manjaro) but there was so many odd things for me, this being the worst.
I will have to investigate when I have the time and try it again.

My current settings are this and i only changed to adwaita to show you.

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