New install on LUKS/btrfs, grub failing to boot

Hi all,
I’m new to EndeavourOS, but not Linux in general. On this system, I’m replacing a Manjaro partition, but not nuking my /boot partition since I have Windows dual-booted here.

  • I’m basically following this:, except not starting completely blank.
  • I’ve got BIOS boot environment, with GPT partition table.
  • I added a small (10MB) unformatted partition as recommended
  • Encrypted BTRFS is my / on /dev/sdb6, with /home being the same on a second drive (/dev/sda1). Note that the installer is a bit weird in that I can’t immediately select encryption, but I can do it per-partition in two steps.

Stepping through the first part of the guide above, I can complete it OK. When I reboot though, I get the grub-rescue prompt, and it doesn’t see a filesystem in any of the partitions. (e.g. “ls (hd1,gpt6)” When I reboot into the EndeavourOS installer though, it’s all there. I can use udisksctl unlock on the root partition, mount it and do whatever. Running the grub-mkconfig and mkinitcpio tasks from section #5 in the guide above works.

Then I reboot… and back to the grub-rescue that can’t read a filesystem anywhere. (including the vfat and Windows ones)




Trying something new here. It’ll take a while (online installer), but documenting here in case it works. :wink:

  • While the installer identified the scheme as BIOS, setting my BIOS to “legacy only” instead of UEFI failed to find anything at all to boot from.
  • Fiddling some more with settings, reloaded the installer, which now says it’s an EFI setup. OK then, let’s give it a go.
  • The boot partition now shows an option to mount under /boot/efi, which wasn’t there previously. Since that’s what is mentioned in the guide I’m going with, I’ll try that. Of course, now it’s not asking me where grub goes. Worst case, I hose my mostly-unused Windows setup, which is just for a couple games that I should either play, or delete the partition for the space.
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hello @tlavoie
You had a Bios installation before so was Windows also installed in Bios mode? I’m not sure how its going to work out with what you are trying as normally in EFI mode you would create a 512M /boot/efi partition and mark it boot first with gparted and then do a manual install and edit the boot partition and select /boot/efi and create the btrfs on the unallocated space and follow the guide.

I have installed this using the guide more than a dozen times both with & without encryption all on UEFI with dual boot Windows and also on another system with triple boot on UEFI using encryption on one install and not on the others all on separate drives and also using rEFInd. I haven’t had any issues but mine is installed only on UEFI. I don’t use Bios anymore on newer systems but i do have a couple that are Bios and i have one installed with this setup on Bios which i followed the guide also.

Hopefully you get it working this time but if not don’t give up as it is really a good setup.

Thanks @ricklinux, I had a boot/efi partition already, which I had been careful not to nuke.

As it turns out, this last attempt worked fine! I haven’t re-added Windows to the mix, though its partition is still there. Really though, it mostly gets booted for periodic Windows updates and the like, so hardly a rush at this point.

My plan is to re-add a bunch of things I had before, restore files from backups to my /home partition and see what else there is to explore.

I’m not sure why the installer had previously identified the setup as BIOS, but that seems to be what confused things, and the system config changes seemed to have done the trick.