New install of xfce, notifications not working at all

on a new install via offline installer, notifications not working at all.
normally i run browser in workspace 1 and discord in workspace 2, not receiving any notifications, looked at settings notifications cannot see any obvious error

Try notify-send "Test".

If that doesn’t work then your statement might be accurate. Otherwise, it might be Discord with the problem (in addition to being proprietary, closed-source software).


You could check status with

systemctl --user status xfce4-notifyd

Edit: This shows can’t be found but yet it works with @jonathon command.

Edit: Is this something different?
Edit2: As far as i can tell mine is working. I have notifications icon in the top bar.

very sorry guys, have to hold hand up, i had discord on do not disturb , please dont shoot me yet…


trust me i was suspecting this and i set this thread on “watched” so i can share this suggestion later on if the intelligent suggestions fail. I didn’t want to put my dumb suggestion so quick :rofl: