New install of Eos with plasma, facing these issues

Installed from latest iso using online install, KDE Plasma, on a T480 laptop. It has 512GB ssd, 1920z1080 14" fhd screen. I faced following problems -

  1. the systemd-boot screen and initial boot messages are all in FHD so very tiny. e,g. the boot menu takes up a quarter of screen in center. Can this be fixed?
  2. on initial boot I tried to change display scale but had no effect. seems to work after reboot only, or maybe just need login/logout? how do I restart plasma from terminal? I remember reading something like killall plasma etc but not sure if thats what I should do
  3. There is no system monitor. ‘which ksysguard’ says not found. Default install, ran yay, nothing changed. had to get htop to see cpu
  4. same as 2, changing fonts requires reboot/relogin? What is the right combo of screen res, scaling and font size for my laptop you recommend? I don’t want tiny fonts
  5. In Chrome I checked chrome://gpu a lot of the settings had ‘hw accel’ enabled, yet youtube takes 30-35% cpu, and this is a newer cpu than my desktop pc which is using Intel gpu (4th gen), and only uses <5% on same video on Windows chrome. both of them only have iGpu, no gfx cards.

next steps I will take - install zram, but that will not affect above.

Any advice or help, thanks !!

I am not in front of my PC right now but for 1. there is a setting in /efi/loader/loader.conf

ksysguard was replaced by System Monitor.

I do not see any results typing in system or monitor. Is it this - ?

for the systemd bootloader, I found the github entry -, will try auto.

the package for system monitor is called plasma-systemmonitor
it would be yay -S plasma-systemmonitor

to stop plasma shell from terminal would be ```
kquitapp5 plasmashell

to start it back up would be
kstart5 plasmashell

for me with I use 125 percent scaling and default font size