New install Endeavouros


Firstly sorry for my english. I’m a french guy.

Happy new year for all.

I would like to make a new install of endeavouros.

I have two disks: 1 ssd 450 gg and another one of 4 to (3,5)

I am going to use btrfs files with snapper.

I would like to use the second disk for data but i don’t know exactly which systeme file i have to choose for it, btrfs or ext4 and if could be mount automatically on startup.

Thanks in advance for your support

For the data you can choose what you think it’s best for you. Personally, for data I prefer ext4. You can mount what you want at boot, by using the partition manager of the installer. I blogged about that in my latest review:

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If you are already setting up Snapper, I would use btrfs for the other disk too. That way you can take snapshots of it too.

I say this all the time but snapshots aren’t only for system recovery. Having frequent short-lived snapshots of your data is useful and takes almost no space.

Accidentally make a mistake in a file? Get that file back from your most recent snapshot.

thank you for your answers. will my second disk be automatically mounted during installation or i will have to modify the fstab afterwards.


It depends on your DE. However, you will definitely want to add it to fstab even if it does get automatically mounted.

My choice will be KDE