New gnome-shell & mutter updates!

Greetings lovely community,

There was just a new gnome-shell point release update today from version 1:42.3.1-1 -> 1:42.4-1 and within that release are some rather interesting adjustments. You can view the full changelog for the new update here:

Some standout additions worth noting:

Allow extension updates with only Extension Manager installed [Matthew; !2358]
Improve overview animation performance [Ivan; !2395]
Fix remembering set up bluetooth devices [Florian; !2409]

If you use extensions like I do, it’s okay to have both Extensions app by Gnome installed and Extensions Manager installed as they do not conflict with each other. But in the past, it was always a good idea to have both installed, even if you preferred Extension Manager, because only Gnome Extensions was able to auto-update your extensions. Extensions Manager was not able to support this feature due to upstream.

But after today’s update that is no more! You can solely use Extension Manager now, to install, uninstall, search, AND update extensions. This makes is the defacto extensions app to use in Gnome. It is okay to still use both, but not the Gnome Extensions app has become a bit redundant. In any case, feel free to use whichever extensions app you like, either one will still do it’s job well.

There was also a new mutter update as well going from version 42.3-1 -> 42.4-1and the changelog for that can be seen below as well:

Some standout additions worth noting:

  • Fix registering as X11 window manager if GDK_BACKEND is set [Michel; !2496]
  • Fall back to ARGB if XRGB is not supported [Daniel; !2519]
  • Reduce client work when entering overview [Robert; !2502]

As for the mutter update, one patch note mentions they’ve now fixed an issue that was causing mutter to fail to start on some ARM boards, so any ARM users out there using Gnome can rejoice.

Feel free to check out the full changelogs for a bunch of other miscellaneous bug fixes, performance tweaks, and code cleanups. These updates were literally pushed out by Gnome today, so it’s rather impressive how quickly the Arch Testers/devs can manage to push out the latest stable packages. Just another great little reminder why I enjoy using EndeavourOS Gnome so much. That’s all for now, enjoy!


@Scotty_Trees Thanks for sharing!

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It’s only a point release, so nothing major. I don’t typically see the need to talk about every single point release that comes out, but once in a while they offer a few improvements that I think are worth mentioning. Today just happens to be one of those days. You’re welcome and thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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