New gnome install smb


First off this is my first go with EndeavorOS and let me say bravo to the team! I installed on a Thinkpad P14S with a AMD ryzen 7 and amdgpu. The install went perfectly with only a couple of quirks that I have not been able to figure out, but system very usable as is. One such quirk is some of my function lights on the F keys are just permanently lit which I have not seen in other distros as of yet. The second quirk which is the strange one, when I open the file explorer under network I see my OMV NAS listed if I try to click on it to connect is says something about unable to retrieve share list from server? The odd part is I can connect to it everywhere else from the same laptop, I can connect to the shares via command line, fstab etc. just not file explorer? Is this something I have done wrong or a limitation of this distro? Even with these quirks, it is still the Distro I have had on this new laptop thus far.

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated…